3D printing gallery

Added a gallery containing images of objects I modelled for the purpose of 3D printing / Rapid Prototyping, it can be found under the “Professional Work” menu.

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Trailer for “The Martian”

A trailer was released for The Martian featuring some of the texturing work I’ve done while at Framestore in London. My work was texturing various modules of the big space-ship.
There is also a “video log” showing a nice full view of the ship

Please visit my “Professional” work page for stills and further info.

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Website updated

After my latest 7 month film-texturing stint in London I’ve started updating my website with new images and will add more when they are made available.

Updated the Work: Professional gallery and page.

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Website redesign

Today I’ve started redesigning my website adding new images of my film related work, removing old obsolete images and streamlining the menus. Enjoy your stay and feel free to let me know what you think!

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Sol Contingency Gameplay Trailer

Check out the first official gameplay trailer for Sol Contingency, the Descent reboot I’m helping to make!

We are very proud to have released our Trailer for Proving Grounds featuring nothing but in-game footage and a killer track by Seamless.

We hope this trailer gives everyone an idea of what we want to make of Sol-C and how we wish to treat the original Descent franchise with the care and love it deserves.

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Wargaming.net Golden Joystick Contest won!

A while ago the results were finally published and it turns out I won shared 1st place in the Wargaming.net Golden Joystick contest with my design!

Additionally my design was also chosen as one of the favourites which makes it all the better.
I entered the “drawing” category with my 3D design of an abstract award featuring elements of various featuring in Wargaming games like World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.

Results can be found here:

My design is the one on the bottom right.

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Epona Medical freelance work

I’ve been doing freelance work for Epona Medical for a couple of months now. This work consists mainly of modelling/texturing organs/tissue for their medical Lap-X simulator, but also spans graphic design of promotional materials like banners and brochures.

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Photography gallery online

As of today a new page/gallery is online which contains photos I’ve made over the years which I liked a lot.

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World of Tanks contest entry ‘JINX T-shirt design competition’

World of Tanks contest entry ‘JINX T-shirt design competition’. The contest was about designing a T-shirt with a World of Tanks theme.
This entry reached the final stage of the World Wide voting but did not make the final 50 unfortunately.

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P-47C Razorback texturing finished

After all this time I can finally call this model truly finished. Today I took care of the final texture fixes on my planning and this is it.

I’ll make some beauty renders soon, these are to show the finished textures and model from various angles in relative close-up.

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